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Here at Creighton-Shaw Show Team we have been using Omega Alpha Supplements for two months and have found some amazing results! Our favourite supplements are the gastro FX and Sinew-x plus. 
The Gastro FX has really helped with the feeding process of all of the horses by reducing the risk of ulcers and soothing the stomach, resulting in a healthier appetite and influencing them to drop their stomachs, providing a healthier, balanced gut. This supplement also helps keep the stomach soothed and relax with competition environments, allowing them to be more focused in the ring, resulting in better performance. 
We use the Sinew-x plus on a variety of horses from four year olds through to the more developed adult horse. We believe in prevention rather than cure and this supplement helps us by reducing strain on our horses joints and ligaments, providing the horses with the confidence to go that extra mile when we need them to and helps us in maintaining healthy and supple joints within each individual horse.